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The team at cricketbetting10 operate the website –

This page will give you the complete information regarding the collection, utilization, circulation or storage of data that the website retains during the process of registration or any time while the players use our betting services.

The betting options and gambling benefits that we provide will be further mentioned as ‘Services’ in this page. Your information will be used to provide better entertainment options according to your preferences. When you register with our services, you agree that we can rightfully utilize your data according to the pointers mentioned in this privacy policy.

The specific terms that have been used in this Privacy Policy remain to be the same as the ones mentioned in our terms and conditions page,  otherwise we distinctly mention the differences.

Terms for Information Gathering and Usage

Cricketbetting10 holds the right to collect user information from different margins and use it to improve the services that we provide to our players.

The Data that we usually collect include –

Individual Information

When you register with, we ask you to provide unique information that will help us in distinguishing you from the rest of the users. This can include any personal information including IDs and cookies that will determine the identity of a specific individual.

Usage information

We might also collect information related to your course of the website usage. In other words, we can track your activity and pattern of use of our services to provide you with better options in the future. We usually retain the Internet Service provider, Protocol address, the browser that the player is using, version of the browser, downloaded cookies, most frequently visited pages within our website, duration of usage and date of website usage. We can also collect diagnostic data specific to browsing devices.

Tracking the Cookies

Cookies are miniature files that are sent by the website to your computer to keep a track of your online activity whenever you visit our website for cricket betting. These are harmless tracking and identifying tools that will help determine the individual interests of the players.

While we prefer sending cookies, the decision to allow the cookies into personal computers still remains with the players. However, certain services will be rendered inoperative when you refuse the incoming cookies on your webpage.

We dwell with three different types of cookies

Service Cookies – These help in the smooth operation of betting services daily.

Security cookies – They keep the data related to user security and remain to be precisely protected.

Preference cookies – These retain copies of player preferences to provide the necessary whenever a player comes back to bet with again.

Usage of Customer Data retains the registered users’ information to meet these necessary pointers.

  • To provide a better betting atmosphere for the registered users.
  • To remember personal preferences to only provide services that the user is in need of.
  • Give prior information about any changes in the website serviceability and features
  • To avoid frauds and scams within the service.
  • To make 24/7 customer support a reality
  • To deal with unanticipated technical issues
  • To monitor, and encourage the usage of for sports betting.

If you are an Indian citizen, according to the Personal Information Protection Bill (PIPB), we have the right to collect only certain categories of User information online. We intend to do this for one or more of the following reasons –

  • We have received a prior permission from the user to collect the information
  • To ensure that the services being provided are meeting the local laws
  • To get certainty that the services are not violating user rights
  • A contract is being established between and the user.

Storage of the data

Cricketbetting10 only intends to store the user information to fulfill the purposes mentioned in this privacy policy. The information will be deleted or further retained depending upon the reason behind the retention. Complying with the governmental legal regulations, we can store the data to improve services, provide preferences, resolve disputes or clear old transactions. We have the authority to retain information in cases where the user has breached policies or the legal laws regarding betting in the country.

The data we store in our base is usually hosted for a short time unless there is an obligation to keep the data for a longer period due to established legal laws.

Data Transfer

Data collected from the internet protocol address of one region can be transferred or processed in another region with a different protocol address. This information may be retained in a region which has other jurisdictional laws related to data privacy and personal information. It can be different districts, states, countries or continents as well.

Cricketbetting10 takes extra care to safeguard your information and only transfers the personal details to those organizations that have advanced technical tools to protect your data. Unless extremely necessary or specified by the local laws, your data will not be shared with third-party services and websites. Agreeing to these terms and conditions would imply that the user consents to transfer his information to other organizations and parties to better the services on

Data Disclosure would only take the step of sharing user information in the following conditions –

  • Prior commitment to an established law related to online sports betting
  • To protect the integrity towards the policies of
  • To preserve the legal rights of the users as well as the public
  • The dissolution of issues or to initiate contracts
  • To come out of any kind of legal situation because of multiple party miscommunications.

Data Security

Our users’ information and specificities are of utmost importance to us and we take several technological steps to safeguard the information that we hold. However, no online transaction or data processing is going to be 100% safe and secured. While we can assure you that we leave no stone unturned to keep user personal data safe, we cannot assure complete safety and security.

General Data Protection Regulation – Your Data Protection Rights

If you are a legal citizen of the Indian subcontinent, the Privacy Protection Act and Personal Data Protection Bill will give you certain rights related to your information. You can choose to provide, remove, change or even permanently delete the information that you share with any online website – be it for betting, gambling or gaming. Your data protection rights would include –

  • You can open the information provided on and choose to either let it stay or permanently delete the information present (can hinder certain services).
  • You can change certain information about yourself
  • You can ask us to stop transferring or processing a section of the information you provided to us.
  • You have the right to ask for a copy of the information has about you in the hard, soft or registered memory.
  • Once your consent is given to the privacy policy of our cricket betting services, you can choose to withdraw it anytime you feel like.

For any queries related to the information and details we have about you, Please Contact Us.

Cricketbetting10 holds the right to ask you for an identity verification before granting you the permission or means to avail any of the above mentioned rights.

External Third-Party Hosts

We have the right to employ third-party providers to process your information in the absence of our services or when we need external assistance to improve betting experience. These parties can include certain affiliate links, data trackers, data analytical tools like Google analytics and more.

It remains to be’s responsibility to rely on trusted third-party providers who will be able to process the user information but cannot transfer or duplicate the player information. They are only entitled to use the information on tasks related to cricket betting on our website or associated links that we host or monitor.

Privacy Policy of Affiliate Links

Our website has links to several third-party affiliated websites that we host for business purposes. While you do not have monetary liabilities while clicking on the links itself, is not responsible or won’t take the blame for any privacy policies the players willingly/unwillingly/accidentally accept or reject on the affiliate sites.

Minors Policy

None of the privacy policies or rules mentioned on apply to people falling under the age group of 18.

The website doesn’t willingly accept registration from sources aged below 18 years. WIth or without parental consent, the minor age group doesn’t hold access to the gambling and sporting activities on the website. If the website finds out that any registration has been done by a person below the age group of 18 (without guardian/parent knowledge), their information will be permanently deleted from the database with immediate effect.

Amendments to Privacy Policy

Any changes to the established privacy policy will be mentioned on this page. Any information or guidelines indicated on paper or softwares will remain void and the amendments mentioned on this page will remain to be the ultimate source of reference. Information about mandatory status changes will be intimated to the players by in-app notifications or emails/messages sent on respective email IDs and phone numbers. Periodically prefer reading the privacy policies to stay updated with any sudden changes.

Contact The Team

In case of questions or information regarding the privacy policies and security norms of the website, you can contact our team at: Email [email protected]