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Privacy Policy

In a fast-paced digital world, we understand the importance given by an individual to his personal data. We would like to reiterate how we collect, manage, use and store the information collected from the players registered on our platform.

What information does asportsbetting.com take from the Betting Enthusiasts?

We collect the name and basic details of the player to create his unique identity on our platform. When you register with us and subscribe for the newsletters, we also note down the email address of the player.

This will help us in sending relevant tips and tricks related to sports betting and also share the new events and games that the player might be interested in.

We also employ analytical software like Google Analytics to understand the course of player activity on the website to register his personal preferences. This is very crucial for us as it will help us in providing you with the services that you really want/need.

We also discreetly log the number and basic web details of people who visit our platforms. This will help us know if we have any future evangelists shaping up.

Why do we collect the aforementioned information?

asportsbetting.com feels inclined towards collecting this data to get an understanding of what our dear players prefer and better our services in accordance to that.

The information collected will not be circulated with any third party websites, vendors, our affiliate partners or other sources. The details would remain secure until the player permanently leaves the platform or withdraws the information.

Also, the information storage is subject to utilization and if we feel that the information is no longer practically or legally necessary, we hold the right to permanently delete it from our databases.

Use of Cookies

We utilize cookies to keep a track of your activity on our website and the preferences that you have selected for yourself. We also take the help of third party cookies from Google Analytics to keep a track of the people who peek into our website. This will help us improve our services and provide optimized assistance to individual players based on the data collected.

According to government regulations and local federal laws, we can also save your basic information and unique identification information using our cookies for resolving future issues or establishing connections. We will remove the data from our database when deemed unnecessary.

When you are looking into the content of asportsbetting.com, you automatically agree to our usage of cookies to track your activity.

Email Collection and Interaction

We use email as a medium to send out our best tips and tricks to make your Sports betting experience an instant hit. You can give us your personal email information during registration or by filling forms that you will see on most of our pages. We also send promotional content and everyday inputs for Cricket betting.

We make it a point to not share the email information with any third party help that we take or the affiliate partners that we work with.

You have the option to opt out of our emails and cricket betting tips by simply unsubscribing from the service from the link that we mention on all emails sent. Also, we make it a point that we do not send inappropriate, unuseful spam content that won’t serve you in any way.

License of Use for our Content

The literary pieces, articles, blogs or general content that we publish on our website is free of cost and easily accessible to anyone who wishes to explore asportsbetting.com. The information is true to our knowledge and only verifies cricket experts are giving their inputs to enhance your betting experience.

It is okay to repost, circulate and reuse our information and content, as long as we are being credited for our hard work. Our content that is being used without proper credits is liable for legal action from our end.

Presence of Outbound Links

asportsbetting.com might have links that lead to other websites or services that are simple add-ons to improve our own services. While we also promote affiliate links, none of our outbound links will host the complete websites of third-party partners.